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The reality is that most investors lose money in the markets. When it comes to money, human emotions tend to rule the decision making process often pushing investors to buy or sell precisely at the wrong times .

Our service provides alternative investing ideas for ETFs and growth stocks. Our methodology takes the human factor out of the equation and provides easy to implement concepts based on trend-following and momentum strategies. Our models are design to provide definitive buy and sell signals to successfully help investors navigate any type of market conditions.

"A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be."
-Albert Einstein



A common denominator among the most successful investors, is that they all have developed an effective trading strategy, that tells them what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell. Read more


Risk Management

The most important component of investing/trading is money management rules, even do 95% of investors don't use them or don't understand them. Read more



In order to implement any type of investment plan or strategy, and follow sound money management rules all investors need absolute discipline. Read more



We offer three different strategies for long-term investors to add to their portfolios as an asset class, or as an stand alone strategy for the hole porfolio. Read more



Easy to follow step by step directions on how to implement our strategies into your portfolio. Learn more..."


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    Yellow Lights Are Flashing
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  • Price Is All That Matters
    Price Is All That Matters
    For the last few weeks I have been quietly amassing gold mining stocks. Looking at the weak fundamentals of all these companies and by listening to the negative opinions of the “experts”...
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